Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is part of the conditions that govern the use of the Bit application, and it has been developed in order to enhance your confidence in the privacy and safety of your personal information details. This privacy policy deals with the information that has been provided about the users of the application, as we may review it from time to time for reasons related only to the updates required by it. This publication, with the new terms, as of the date of publication.


The trademark and all designs and contents within the application are all protected by the laws of property rights and trade names, and other rights, including intellectual property rights, and may not be used for commercial or personal purposes

Applicable law and dispute resolution

The terms and conditions of the application in their interpretation, implementation and all aspects are subject to the provisions of the regulations applied in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Amendments to the terms and conditions of the application

The "Bit" application has the right to amend any clause or add other new provisions to the terms and conditions of using the application without prior notice or warning. You can access the latest version of the "terms and conditions" at any time on the website or the side menu in the application

Information collected around you?

Through your use of this application some information is available, which enables us to provide you with assistance in case you need to, in terms of retrieving the password if you forget it or want to amend it, or to contact you in cases of necessity, and therefore the decision not to consider you to provide correct and real information may limit Or it terminates your ability to deal in this application, and this type of personal information required by the application necessarily includes your name and email address. As for any other information, it is not required at all in this application

Our use of the information

Your personal information, it remains preserved and kept with us, with our commitment not to share it with any official or unofficial parties

Evacuation responsibilaty

The "bit" application is not responsible for actions that violate religious norms or slogans issued by the owner of the "bit", and the owner of the "bit" acknowledges his full responsibility for any accountability, compensation, or other consequences that result from that.